They want you to believe that you are powerless, but you are not.  Your faith in God and your prayers can change the world for you and your family as well as millions of people on the earth.  We can no longer sit in the shadows hoping and trusting in man, in politicians, and in those who would destroy our world.
We call out to God in private but what about reaching out to him so that everyone can hear, see, and witness the miracle of your Faith and in the Promises of God?  We can no longer hide, we must use our voices, the media, and our Heavenly Father to bring peace and love back into the world.    It's your time now, watch the Prayer videos, share them, and make one yourself;  It costs you nothing.  It's Time, take back your power by releasing the power of God into our world.

Here's your chance to Save the World.


Prayer Warriors

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A MIGHTY Chris Mitchell Army of God Prayer w_ Susan Stafford from Out of the Box with Susan Stafford
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Record your video of you saying the Modern Army of God Prayer:

    "I Praise You Heavenly Father to Restore My Life, My Family,

              My Health, My Job, and My Nation to You, Our God." 

(You may use this version of the Prayer or your own in Any Language.       

        You may include your name if you like in the recording, and 'yes'
you may dedicate your prayer to someone you love or someone in need. )

E-mail your video to:
Our staff will review, process, and upload your video.  We will add

Music and Graphics.

We will notify you via the e-mail address from which you sent
the video 
that your prayer is approved and being streamed.





1.  Hit 'Record' on your phone and Take a Moment to settle before your prayer and again after your prayer before you stop recording. 

2.  Don't worry, we'll edit out the dead spaces and add music.
3. Do it a couple of times on the same take, we'll choose the best Prayer to Post.  

5.  File too large to e-mail?  Just send it via, it's free. 

6.  Remember, any effort made in the name

of God is a Blessing.

And Now It's Time To Save The Word... Let's Pray