The world has become a very dangerous, sin-filled place.  Our political parties have betrayed us, our leaders have proven that they can not protect us and over-reach on the part of the government, big tech, and radical groups determined to destroy our way of life and our country seem to be in control.

    But we know that this is not the case.  Only God is in control and he has proven this fact time and time again throughout the history of the world.  From Babylon to Rome and from Israel to Idaho we can see the work of his hands in all that we do.


     Our question and challenge was, 'Can we find a way to fill the world with constant, never-ending, powerful prayer from the faithful around the world?'  Well, we think we've found that way and it is, The Modern Army of God.

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     The human soul is a magnificent source of praise, worship, and power.  When we pray, we release the power of God to move from our lives into our surroundings, environment, families, and world.  Each time someone clicks on a Modern Army of God soldier's prayer that prayer is released into the world over and over and over again; inundating both the Heavens and the Earth in a blanket of faith, love, restoration, and blessings.

     Yes, it is just that simple.  No memberships, no judgment, no fees, no personal information just you being empowered to change the world in a way that we have all been called to do. 


Does This Cost?

    No, there is no cost to add a prayer and there never will be.

Do I Have To Say The Exact Prayer For My Prayer To Be Posted?

     No.  This prayer, written by Pastor David Childers was meant to give our Prayer Warriors a starting point.  You can sing it, speak it, say it with friends, it's up to you.  We just ask that you keep it respectful.  And, yes, you may add a dedication for someone you love or for someone who is in need.

Once Submitted, Who Owns My Video Prayer?

     You do.  We don't own your video and we don't want to.  Should you desire to take it down we will do that as quickly as we can.  Please note:  To remove a video prayer, the request for removal must come from the same
e-mail address from which we received the original file.

      When you mail your video to us at  prayer@modernarmyofGod.com, you grant us the rights to stream the video across our platform exclusively.

Will Every Video Prayer Be Accepted?
     Unfortunately, no.  With so many people out in the world who wish to destroy instead of building; we will have to refuse videos that we believe to be offensive, profane, vulgar, etc., 

Can I Make More Than One Prayer Video?

     Of course. Make as many as you like.  We NEVER tire of Prayer.

Do I Have To Speak My Prayer In English?
     No.  God speaks all languages and we will attempt to accommodate you and yours.  We have reviewers standing by to listen to and approve your Prayer Video in almost any language.  In some cases, the review in languages other than English may take longer to approve and post.

Can Other People See and Share My Video?

     Yes.  And that's the point.  The more times your video is seen and shared the more praise we send to God in our effort to bring about restoration to our lives, our families, and our countries.

Are You Going To Monetize My Video?

     Absolutely not.  This site is NOT a charity and it is not built for profit.  This site is built for prayer and connection with our Heavenly Father to worship and praise.
     Further, we will not make money off of YOU.  We do not require personal information of any kind as we simply don't need it.  The only information we require is your name if you want to use it and an e-mail address if you would like to receive correspondence or receive information, updates, promotions, and news via our Bi-Weekly Newsletter.  You do not have to sign up for the newsletter as part of submitting a video and we will NOT contact you for any reason should you not sign up for the newsletter.

     In short, we don't Data Mine and we will never sell user information should it be provided.

     Any funds raised via donation, support, grant, merchandising, endorsements, or any other means will be used for the operations of the site, bandwidth, redundant servers, post-production services, advertising, and promotion.  Any additional funds will be used to support other worthy endeavors where people in need receive the help and assistance they need.