The greatest support that we could ever receive would be for you to simply Pray for the Planet by adding a Prayer and taking your place among those who understand just how dark the world is right now.  We can change things but we must act together in one voice to the one true God and Master of the Universe.

     We implore you to use your voice now at a time when mayors, governors, members of congress, senators, 'Big Tech' and other governments are threatening to destroy our way of life, our hopes, our dreams and our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

     Don't let them do it, please, help us in this revival and restoration through the power of our prayers.

Featured Prayer Warriors

William Homel Army of God Prayer
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Choice Skinner's Prayer for the Modern Army of God
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Pray for Our Success.  No matter what, if God Approves
we will be successful.

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     This is a grass-roots project and NOT a charity created to take in millions of dollars to use for political power.    Unfortunately, if we activate as a Charity our Rules and Regulations would force us to curtail our messages and prayers while adopting stances with which we do not agree.
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