The Process




Record your video of you saying the Modern Army of God Prayer:

                                       "I Praise You Heavenly Father to Restore My Life, My Family,

                                              My Health, My Job, and My Nation to You, Our God." 

(You may use this version of the Prayer or your own in Any Language.   You may include your name if you like in the recording, and 'yes' you may dedicate your prayer to someone you love or someone who may be in need of special prayer.)

E-mail your video to:   Our staff will review, process,
and upload your video as quickly as possible.  We will also add music and graphics.

We will notify you via the e-mail address from which you sent the video that your prayer is approved and being streamed.

The Ranks

     Yes, Rank!  This is an Army of Prayer Warriors after all.  When you upload an approved video, you immediately become a Private First Class and as more and more people click on your prayer or as more of your friends and family create videos you grow in rank.  

     As you grow in Rank you will receive gifts from the Modern Day Army of God.  We will be sending out everything from Bibles to Shirts, Hats, Jackets, Mugs, Profiles in our new Army of God Magazine (online), and of course the love and respect of your friends around the globe who will be able to share your love and compassion. 

      Rank Promotion Gifts are sent to you at no cost and do not require shipping and handling.  Free means Free.

Sample Rank Promotions Achieved by the Number of Prayer Video Views or Friends Who Add Prayers:

Private 1st Class

Sergeant Major 

1st Lieutenant 


Major General 

4 Star General 


1,001 -2,500     

2,501 -5,000


8,001 -25,000  

25k & Above

Vid Views      or  10 

Vid Views      or 11-25 
Vid Views      or 26-50  

Vid Views      or 101-175     

Vid Views      or 176-300 

Vid Views      or 301-500

Vid Views      or 501 -750  

Vid Views      or 750+

Friends Make A Prayer Video

Friends Make A Prayer Video
Friends Make A Prayer Video  

Friends Make A Prayer Video     

Friends Make A Prayer Video 

Friends Make A Prayer Video

Friends Make A Prayer Video  

Friends Make A Prayer Video

The Purpose & Goal

     Our Purpose and Goal are one and the same; to restore our Nation and our Families back to the love, respect, worship, and acceptance of God in our lives.  Every believer knows deep within themselves they are NOT the powerless and worthless as they want us to believe that we are.

     No, God has given us explicit instructions on how to pray, when to pray, and what to pray.  Empower yourself and those around you now to lift us all out of the mire of Evil that has possessed us and turned so many of us against one another.  

     God is the answer and when you step into Grace through Prayer, you answer the questions and Bless the Souls of All those around you.  Take your Power Back and return to God so that He can turn His face once again back to us!